4 Unusual Promotional Gifts for Product Marketing Managers

Product Marketing (Success) Managers sometimes get involved with marketing communications and need some chatkas to help with branding at say a trade show.  Product Success Managers need to offer an incentive to get people to answer their surveys when they are doing market research.While everyone else is using pens, hats, mugs and key chains as giveaway items, it means that you could make a unique move and offer an unusual promotional gift.People like products that are custom promotional gifts since they are crafted to match the requirements of users.Some commonly used promotional items for gifts are:

  • Clothing: T-shirts, gloves, socks, hats, caps.
  • Calenders, glass, mugs.
  • Bags and purses.
  • Stationary items: Erasers, rulers, pencils, pens, markers, highlighters, notepads.

However, here are some unique gifts that can help you standout and get better results.

Solar Phone Charger

With the sudden rise in the use of renewable power sources, a solar phone charger can be a great promotional product. Dead smart phone batteries can cause frustration and it is unlikely that you will always find a socket nearby to charge your cell phone.A solar phone charger is friendly for the environment as well as for your phone. It is a small but valuable promotional gift that is a favourable option for your customers as this product might be used almost every day.

Branded Food

Who does not love a tasty slice of pizza with cold drink and fries?You can offer pastries, cake, pizza, juices, burgers or any other branded food item as a promotional gift. The sweet flavour on their taste buds will let them remember your nice gesture for a long time.Make sure to always use high quality food that is of a renowned brand.

Ear Plugs

This product might look like a strange option to be presented as a gift. However, it is actually a valuable item that can even let you sleep when your neighbors are noisy.People working on construction sites find it convenient to use ear plugs to prevent ear damage and headaches. You can pop these into your ears even while you are relaxing at your home. Moreover, ear plugs can be worn while attending a concert as they prevent tinnitus and hearing loss.

Reusable, Insulated Lunch Bag

A reusable, insulated lunch bag can be effectively used as a promotional material. The insulation will keep the food warm (or cold) and reusability will let the user to use the bag again and again.Some of the products that we have mentioned above are not only useful for a single person but they are better for the whole community.Make sure to choose the right kind of promotional gift which matches your brand.

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