How can I find freelance product management jobs?

To find freelance product management jobs here are several suggestions.

First, I would suggest you research the organization and then if it is something you are interested in, figure out a way to get introduced to the hiring manager.

How can I find freelance product management jobs (2)

Using Linkedin can also be very helpful.

For example, list what you wish to do at the top of your profile then view the profiles of decision makers at the targeted organization.

Many of them will check out who looked at them and will see your interest.

Additionally, ask to connect with them with a note expressing your interest in what they are doing.Be sure you have plenty of blog posts or posts on Linkedin that demonstrates you know how to do product management.Perhaps ask for their advice but don’t ask for a job.  If you do, you will get more “nos” than yes.

Good luck!

In my books “Building Insanely Great Products” and my upcoming one entitled “Organizing and Managing Insanely Great Products”, I discuss in detail the “competencies” that a product manager and/or product marketing manager must have to manage a successful product.You can also get the list here.

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