Innovation Tools Book Launch Part 2

Innovation Tools Book Launch Part 2 FrontCover-e1468211524457As we saw in the previous post the book was off to quite a good start on Amazon topping its categories and being the number one result when searching for the term Innovation Tools (see the previous post). After the campaign yesterday the second part of the campaign was launched starting last night and going through today. The final results are quite good but not what I was expecting.

Two of the biggest pushes today was a large direct message campaign to all my followers to let them know about the book and also multiple blog appearances and large email mail outs. I’m feeling really happy with the campaign so far because almost everything I have wanted to do has worked so far.

See the Google Document

And the results?

Here are the downloads so far:

Innovation Tools Book Launch Part 2 Kindle-Sales-Screenshot-2016-07-12

A total of 520 downloads. This is an extremely good result as it shows that the campaign is obviously building momentum. The results tomorrow should hopefully reflect this.

However, the results in Australia have been very successful. I managed to make the top 35 free Kindle books in the whole of the Amazon store!

Innovation Tools Book Launch Part 2 Book-ranking-overall-AU-top-35-2016-07-11

This is an impressive achievement when you bear in mind that this includes all books, novels, children’s books, etc. My book has a very narrow focus and so my audience is much smaller than other more general books so this result is really very good.

There are still a few tricks up my sleeve for the next couple of days so we’ll see how high they can push the number of downloads.

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“>Read the full article on Spice Catalyst >>