Innovation Tools Book Launch Part 3 – The climax

innovation-tools-book-launch-part-3-climax FrontCover-e1468211524457Stop the press! In fact, stop everything!

Something happened last night that should never have happened… I just took the number 1 spot of all free Kindle books in Australia!!!!! Absolutely insane! This should not be possible for a book like mine. Every single book there is a novel! There are NO business books there at all except for one: mine. In fact, in the top 100, there are no business books or even non-fiction books at all. The downloads were off the chart and the results can be traced back to a number of powerful mail outs and social shares.

The activities for today and continuing on from yesterday are in the following table:

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The Results

The results speak for themselves. The downloads were through the roof and largely due to a number of high profile people sharing my offer on LinkedIn and Twitter as well as a major mail out by one of Melbourne’s largest business-focused Meetup groups. Also, the Innovation Management press release went live yesterday announcing the book and this also clearly generated a lot of interest.

innovation-tools-book-launch-part-3-climax Kindle-Sales-Screenshot-2016-07-13

In total there were 1820 downloads. This seems to be leading to a snowball effect. Remember yesterday I had 520 downloads and the day before 344. My book has become the number 1 on the Australian Kindle Top Free charts:

innovation-tools-book-launch-part-3-climax Book-ranking-AU-Number-1-2016-07-13

As I wrote in the beginning, this should not have been possible. All other books in there are novels or fiction or stories! No business books in sight – except for one: mine.

The book also smashed the American Kindle charts getting in the top 100. Remember: I am an indie author who had to self-publish because none of the big publishers would touch my book. I am running my marketing campaign on my own (admittedly with the help of a lot of other people sharing and pushing out my content – thank you to you all!). I am based in Melbourne, Australia and not America. I am taking on some of the biggest and most connected people in the publishing space from across the Pacific ocean and holding my own! This is doable and you can do it too! In a follow-up post next week, I’ll reveal the entire game plan in more details.

There are only 2 days left in the free offer and it will be extremely exciting to see what happens over the next couple of days.

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“>Read the full article on Spice Catalyst >>