Innovation Tools Book Launch Part 4

Innovation Tools Book Launch Part 4 (1)After yesterday’s excitement I knew it would be hard to keep up the moment, however, the day went quite well. Up to today my book has gotten 2684 downloads in the first three days. A pretty decent result considering I was an unknown author before this. However, my goal from the beginning has always been at least 4000 downloads and hopefully 5000, so I still have a way to go!Today’s marketing activities can be seen in the table below. In spite of my direct activities, I was lucky to have a number of people post my book offer on their Facebook pages (Christian Wolf, Bibi Lafleur and probably others I don’t know about) as well as some further tweets/posts by other well-connected groups and people. I also had an unplanned additional featured post about my Innovation Excellence article in the Innovation Excellence group. My planned activities for today can be seen in the following table:View the Google Document

Sales Results

These actions have now led to the following results:Innovation Tools Book Launch Part 4 (2)A total of 994 downloads. After being number 1, I have continued to sit in place 2 on the Kindle Free Book charts in Australia and I got at least to place 87 in the American Free Kindle charts, which is an impressive achievement given the level of competition in the US and my completely organic marketing campaign:Innovation Tools Book Launch Part 4 (3)

Next Steps

Basically I have now completed phase one and two of my marketing campaign and these were to drive the first round of sales and hopefully push me into the number one spot which happened. I can now legitimately claim that my book was a number one bestseller on Kindle! This is a great accolade for the book and gives my book a lot of credibility.Phase three of my marketing campaign now involves getting my achievement in a news/media outlet to increase the number of people I reach and hopefully drive sales after my book returns to its normal price. So today I started sending out press releases to over a dozen different possible news outlets in Australia and a few others around the world, however, so far I haven’t gotten a response. It looks like this phase may be a bit harder than I thought.I will keep you posted tomorrow as to whether I can get a news outlet to pick up my story and drive the awareness of the book into the stratosphere…

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“>Read the full article on Spice Catalyst >>