Innovation Tools Book Launch Part 5

Innovation Tools FrontcoverToday was the final day of my offer and the final chance for anyone who wanted to to grab a free copy of my book Innovation Tools. There was a final rush from a lot of people to grab a copy but nothing like the traffic two days ago.After a week of a multi-phase marketing campaign I am really happy. I managed to exceed my goal of 4000 downloads and in doing so, the book was a number one bestseller across the entire Kindle store and not just in the book’s categories. This was quite an achievement given that in the top 100 free kindle books in Australia, there were no other non-fiction books, let alone business, while my book was #1.The final activities for today were really very basic and not really anything new beyond contacting media/news outlets. The same efforts as earlier in the week were used and there were a few final high profile shares from people with thousands (even tens of thousands) of connections on Twitter. The activities for today were:

The Results

Unfortunately the final part of my plan didn’t pull off today. It was probably a little optimistic to think that media outlets would pick up my story straight away and so this will be a path I will continue down with the hope that it will pull off in the future.  The results today were as could be expected given the activities described earlier and the downloads were as in the following picture:Kindle-Sales-Screenshot-2016-07-15 Innovation ToolsA total of 483 downloads which means that I hit my goal of more than 4000 downloads with a total of 4161 downloads. I’m quite happy with this result given the time, effort and money put into this campaign (very little of the last one but a huge amount of the time and effort!). It achieved some great outcomes and I learned a heap. There are a number of things I would do differently and a few mistakes I made but I will be putting all this down in a longer blog next week. You will be able to learn from my mistakes and “must dos” and use this to drive your own successful marketing campaign.

So What’s Next?

What was the point of making my book free you may be asking? In a follow up blog post I’ll answer this question and many more for the budding self publisher. Over the weekend many of my hypothesis will be tested and I will be able to post some partial answers next week which you will all be able to use to refine your own marketing strategy to achieve whatever your outcome is. I’ll see you back at the blog next week.

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“>Read the full article on Spice Catalyst >>