Innovation Tools Book Launch!

Innovation Tools Book Launch! FrontCover-e1468211524457

Hi Everyone,

As promised I wanted to let everyone know about how the book launch is going as well as providing the list of actions I have taken to cause this effect. The book was made available on Amazon on the 5th of July and as it was launched I did a small amount of promotional work such as Tweeting about it, putting up the publication announcement on the Facebook page (, putting up a post on LinkedIn, letting friends and family know and other such small-scale activities.

Here is the table of activities simplified for this week. I will describe each of these things in more details in a large summary post I do next week.

See the Google Document

Some stats on me:

I have around 1000 Twitter followers.

I have around 650 connections on LinkedIn.

I have no facebook account myself but the InnovationToolsBook page has around 20 or so likes so far.


I will update each day how the sales activities are going. Here are the results so far:

Innovation Tools Book Launch! Kindle-Sales-Screenshot-2016-07-11

After the first day, 344 people have grabbed a free copy of the Kindle book. At the moment I am currently the number one result for the search term Innovation Tools on Amazon and I am ranking number one in the categories for my book on pretty much all Amazon websites worldwide:

Innovation Tools Book Launch! Book-ranking-overall-US-top-1000-2016-07-11

Stayed tuned for the updates each day. I hope you learn a heap from this for your book launch!