"Customer At The Center" Special Webinar by David Fradin

Special Webinar by David Fradin on the theme of "Customer At The Center"

A company exists because of its products and products exist because of customers’ needs. If any firm wants to reach the pinnacle of the success, it is essential for the firm to keep “Customers” in its focus. As soon as the customer shifts at the center, businesses start to improve because only customers can give you the real metric of your product’s success in the market.

David Fradin, also known as the Product Management Guru, is giving insights from his experience of more than 47 years in a special webinar session on why customer obsession should be our primary metric and how we can “build insanely great products”.

Here’s the recorded session of the webinar!

If you want to know more about David’s valuable experience, then read more about his book at “BIGP.”

You can also schedule a meeting here.

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