What is the best way to lead a team of product managers?

From our experience, leading the product management function requires the leader to work in 5 areas:

  • People: What competencies does the group need, what competencies does the group already have and which ones need to be hired and/or developed?
  • Process:  What product lifecycle process is being followed now and what should it be to be more effective/efficient?
  • Strategy:  What is the current product line market strategy and what work needs to be done to improve it?
  • Tools:  What tools are currently being used and what improvements could be made?
  • Information:  What information do product managers currently have to work with and what information do they need to acquire to do their jobs better?

The place to start would be to conduct an assessment of the process and the current competencies.  Then do a gap analysis on missing or weak competencies followed by custom training and mentoring.Or you could have Spice Catalyst do it for you.  Just submit the form below.

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